Master Home Inspector Group Testimonials

Emilio is a phenomenal home inspector with a meticulous nature but very calming personality which is the perfect personality for all types of buyers. He is someone that is quite knowledgeable about all the ins and outs to any home and he is also someone that can talk you through any scenario that may come up.

Chris Makowski 7/6/2018

We had a great experience with our home inspection. It was thorough and Emilio had great attention to detail and professionalism. We highly recommend him…

Candice Bun 5/25/18

I had Emilio Conciatori do a pre-drywall inspection for my client. As always, he was very thorough and explained everything to t he seller. He is NOT an alarmist but doesn’t pull any punches either. His reports have wonderful reference photos and because the builders respect him there is never an issue with making fixes before drywall. Well done Emilio!

Connie Keenan Lowry, Helen Adams Realty 3/19/18

Extremely professional, courteous, and informative. In the midst of the stress of buying a home after moving all the way across country, this was one of the tope experiences so far. If other inspection companies can match these folks, I would be surprised. Emilio is really good at what he does.

Stan Huckaby 2/21/18

Emilio was thorough and described his findings clearly. He explained next steps to finding out more information, recommended companies for further inspections, and is very knowledgeable in the field. Excellent experience.

Krystin Jacobs 7/7/18

Emilio was very friendly, knowledgeable, and thorough. Although there were no major problems, he did point out areas that we will take back to the seller for additional discussions.

Alan Gack and Linda Linn 5/9/17

My home inspector, Emilio was thorough, focused and professional. He patiently answered my numerous questions. By the end of the home inspection, I had a peace of mind about my purchase decision.

Celeste Bagley 1/26/17

Emilio was amazing! My client is very nervous and he talked her through every single item and answered alllllll of her questions. She had zero questions once the report came and we couldn’t have been happier.

Shannon Wade, Keller Williams Huntsville 11/10/16

Emilio is the best!

Megan Tzannis 3/8/16

Emilio was very nice and knew what he was doing. He did an awesome job. He explained everything to me and my realtor. I would recommend him and your company to whomever is looking for a home inspection. Thank you.

Doretta Brewington 3/1/16

Emilio did a spectacular job. He was focused and methodically went through each section of the house documenting his findings digitally so they could be referenced during report writing. In addition, the report was completed the same day. The last home inspection I had took over a week to get he report back. I will certainly use and recommend this team in the future.

Mike Classe 3/7/16

Emilio took his time explaining all issues related to our home and provided prompt, professional service. I would HIGHLY recommend Emilio. He has been in the business for over 25 years and you can trust him with your home with confidence, can’t say enough about how satisfied we were with our inspection!!

Jaime DeStefano 6/5/18

Emilio came out and did a great job on the inspection for our new home. He walked me through the inspection and was more than happy to answer any questions I had about the home. He delivered a thorough inspection report the same day the inspection took place. He also provided some guidance to some improvements I wanted to do from his days of being a GC.

Greg Curry 5/4/18

We had a great experience and the inspector was knowledgeable and very kind to us.

Cheryle Hand 2/22/18

Emilio was exceptional! We’ve moved several times and have never had an inspection that came close to this one!! We really appreciated his home maintenance tips and suggestions – and when he told us we can call him in the future with questions, I felt like he meant it. Super nice guy too!

Gen Salone 1/26/18

The inspector arrived promptly as scheduled. Quiet, considerate, thorough inspection of home that did not feel invasive. Emilio introduced himself with ID. He explained that he would look around the outside of my home first. Before he entered the residence, he rang the doorbell. He removed his shoes before inspecting the inside. Also let me know when he was going to the attic and garage and when the report would be completed. He asked a few pertinent questions that demonstrated knowledge of plumbing and heating equipment. Out of past home inspections I have had, this was the most pleasant experience.

Jackie Nordhoff 6/28/17

Professional and thorough inspection. Very detailed report and explained in detail his findings. Great experience from beginning to end. Would recommend to everyone. Very knowledgeable and efficient!

Pat Norman 2/13/17

Emilio is the BEST!! Very thorough and calm… Emilio provided an extensive review of a historic house we are in contract to purchase. He took the time to talk to us regarding areas of concerns. This report allows us to further address the areas in need of repair and get estimates to determine the financial responsibilities we will be inheriting. THANK YOU!

Darlene Vaughn 12/19/16

Emilio was professional and helpful. He was patient and knowledgeable as he went thoroughtly over the report step by step. I felt very informed by the end of the inspection. Emilio is a classy upstanding guy and would highly recommend him.

Christy Daniel 9/12/19

Emilio is very thorough and explains findings in ways for everyone to understand. My client was so thankful for such a wonderful, comprehensive report. She now knows what she will be buying so should she go forward with the purchase.

Connie Lowry, 3/14/16

Emilio was great in all aspects of the inspection. Very friendly, very professional. Would highly recommend.

Ryan Dona 3/1/16