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Emilio Conciatori

Emilio Conciatori—Certified Master Inspector (CMI)®

Emilio Conciatori is the owner and Certified Master Inspector (CMI)® of Master Home Inspector Group. Mastery of a skill takes tremendous time and dedication, and once something is mastered, the skill often becomes an artform. Emilio is proud to have achieved mastery in the home inspection field, and he’ll be the first to tell you that there is an art to evaluating a home—because a good home inspection demands:

  • Undivided attention to detail
  • A keen eye for recognizing structural and mechanical issues
  • A real passion for helping others

When Emilio inspects a home, you can rest assured that each of these essential traits will be brought to the table.

Simply Put: A Home Inspector’s Experience Matters

Every home is different in some way or another, and that can make an accurate home inspection difficult to achieve. However, when your inspector has extensive experience in both home construction and the inspection industry, then you know you’ve found an inspector you can trust. Emilio has worked in the housing industry since 1989, eventually becoming a restoration specialist who excelled in bringing tired old homes back to their former glory. Emilio has developed both residential and commercial properties from the ground up, and he still owns and operates a property management company to this day.


  • Certified Master Home Inspector
  • Certified Radon Inspector
  • IAC2 Mold certified
  • NC and SC licensed Home Inspector
  • Pre Drywall certified
  • Deck Inspector Internachi certified
  • Certified Annual home maintenance inspector

Working With Integrity

It’s important to have assurance that your home inspector conducts his business with integrity, and with Emilio, it’s easy to see that he does just that. Whenever you schedule an inspection, Emilio will encourage you to follow him along as he evaluates the home. This will give you:

  • A direct line of sight on potential defects that Emilio uncovers
  • A chance to ask questions right there on the spot
  • An opportunity to arrive to a more well-rounded understanding of a home’s condition

As you discuss your perspective home’s condition with Emilio, it will quickly become clear that he truly serves your best interests—and he stands behind the quality of his work.

When he’s not inspecting homes, Emilio enjoys partaking in a farm-to-table lifestyle—he raises his own chickens, attends the local farmer’s market, and makes his own food from scratch. Emilio loves to have his immediate and extended family over for Sunday meals.

We Go Above and Beyond

At Master Home Inspector Group, we go above and beyond with our inspection services so that you can be confident in the quality of your home inspection and better prepared to negotiate the purchase of a home. Contact us today to request an inspection.